Are We There Yet?

Released February 13 2024

Classical Guitarist Seattle
Classical Guitarist Seattle

In memory of Marla Nonken

First Snow

I find comfort in a quiet blanket of snow. There is also an excitement in the first snow of the year. Where we live the seasons change like clockwork, and it’s reassuring.

Are We There Yet?

DADGAD (capo 2)
In 2022 we moved from Seattle Washington to rural Pennsylvania in two car trips for a total of 5600 miles. The first it rained every day. We also had hail, snow, and at a rest stop in South Dakota, locusts. As we rounded the north end of Pittsburgh the clouds broke and we were treated to sunshine across the rolling hills as we headed in. The second trip in our beater Honda riding low and fast, cats howling and engine clattering, we made it to our new home. A few weeks after we arrived the engine blew but we were grateful it got us there. The title also refers to our own personal evolution and development, at which we never actually arrive.

Missing You

We moved across the country because we were missing some people. Those people were family. Now that we’re here of course we are missing friends on the west coast. There is a comfort to it though because it means you loved some people and perhaps those people loved you.

Hallie’s Song

For Hallie Bean <3

Message To Russian Warship

I was messing around on the violin one night and stumbled onto a sad melody. My wife said from the next room “What are you playing? It sounds like Russian prison music.” [The rest of the story is redacted for security reasons.]

Dutch Apple Pie

I descended in part from people who came to the US from Germany and settled in the the area north of Pittsburgh in the middle 1700s. I have been to their graves. These folks were called Pennsylvania Dutch and one of the many foods they brought to this area was Dutch apple pie, a favorite.

Wildflowers (For Ash)

For my strong and beautiful friend.

Montana In One Day

I wrote this in a hotel room in Montana late one night. I was playing an electric guitar unplugged because it wouldn't wake my wife or the neighbors. There’s a point on the long drive through Montana where that much mountain and sky makes one question the nature of the universe, like visiting the grand canyon for the first time.


A mighty fortress in Andalusia.

Recanto Do Lago

I met a young opera singer from Brazil as the world was emerging from pandemic lockdown and the beauty of her voice and her interesting story inspired me to write this song. I asked her choose the title, which means “restful lake.”


I love you, dear friend.

Drive Like A Bootlegger

Slow traffic keep right, people.

Special Thanks To

Corin Nelsen at Syncrosonic Productions for studio advice and design, Uwe Prußner and Renee Ringholz for the Hannabachs, David Haxton, Jim Relja, and Javier Mengual for making my guitars and keeping them working. Ken Bonfield for the baritones. Sophia Bruscato for the restful lake, Ash for the metaphorical Wildflowers, Tea Mars for things Unbroken, Marla Nonken for being and giving and loving, to inspiring Seattle friends Chuck and Jan Gould, Russell Harmon, Corkie Cordisco, Jim Tinney, to my Pittsburgh and WV music family Michael Berkey, Devin Russian, Tony Pickles, Jon Porobil, Megan Pennington and Tyler Cannon, Frances & Suzanne Volpe, Jim Skiff, Molly, Braylee, Bethanie, & Ben from Justiere, Duncan Lorimer, Brad Yoder, Scott Henry Harris, Ronnie "Moondog" Esser, Patreon legends Dana Montgomery, Myke Hutchings, Mary Kaufman, Christine Perkins, Jannine Suplee, A.N.Hyatt, Malixe, Bill Binkelman, Andrew Grafham, and the family, Hallie, Steph and Nate, and all the kids, Suz and Dave, and last but not least to L.A. Smith-Buxton, my love, for bringing me home.

Damon Buxton
February 13, 2024

All songs written, recorded, and performed by Damon Buxton.

Copyright © (p) 2024 Damon Buxton. Published by Many Miles Music. All rights reserved.

Guitars by Javier Mengual, David Haxton, and Mark Stanley.

Other instruments: Olive’s Violin

Cover painting: The Composer by Damon Buxton

Back cover photo: Russell Harmon

Recorded at The Lodge Room Pittsburgh PA USA.



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