Because I Love You

Released May 1 2022

Classical Guitarist Seattle
Classical Guitarist Seattle

In memory of Clara Pascoe
Sera Perche Ti Amo

Olive’s Violin

I recently interited my grandmother’s violin. She was born in 1900, the same year the violin was made, and it was given to her at age 10. In 1932 she was badly injured in a skating fall. She was hospitalized for a time and then passed away. But my grandfather had a buddy from World War I, named Earl Deal. He was a fiddle player and he would ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the house and play Olive’s violin for the family. My uncle Don used to say “Earl could make that fiddle talk. When he played it would fill the house with joy and tenderness and make everyone feel better.” The violin passed from one family to another over the next 78 years, sustaining its share of damage. I had it restored by luthier Jeff Loen, to whom I will be forever grateful, and now play it every evening.


D A D G A D (capo 1)
David Bowie
The world lost a certain lightness when David Bowie passed away. I have always liked this song.


D A D G A D (capo 2)
My wife, mother, and both grandmothers are strong and powerful women. This piece is a tribute to them and the impact they have on me and the world.

Abide The Winter

Will Ackerman
My first exposure to this kind of music was a Windham Hill Records compilation called "A Winter's Solstice II." After my mother passed away I spent a lot of time lying on the floor listening to this album and this song in particular moved me.

The Bookman’s Nocturne

D A D G A D (capo 1)
My friend Jim owns a bookstore near Seattle called Kiss The Sky Books and he often plays my music there. Over dinner one evening he told me that he sometimes leaves my music playing in the store all night where he can hear it through the rafters in the home above. When I got home that evening I sat down with the guitar and captured my feelings in these notes.


D A D G A D (capo 1)
This song is simply meant to be beautiful, like encountering someone graceful, or remembering an old and honest love.


D A D G A D (capo 1)
This one came out in dramatic fashion shortly after I wrote “Istanbul,” which appeared on my album Love In The Time Of War. It was supposed to get a longer title but, as with Silk, the more I played it for people the more the title seemed to work just fine.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

D A D G A D (capo 1)
I miss Kurt Cobain. I think this song is beautiful.

Spaghetti Western

An ode to the legacy of european-directed movies about betrayal and the revenge of wronged heroes from the sixties and seventies, and modern day interpretations by directors like Quentin Tarantino.

Because I Love You

Some say love is fifty-fifty. I disagree. True love is giving a hundred percent, both of you, while still looking out for and standing up for your own needs. A beautiful and rewarding dance.

Olive’s Violin (Reprise)

I originally arranged this piece for my grandmother in standard tuning instead of D A D G A D as I recorded the main version in. As Olive’s story and her song is the centerpiece of this album and I wanted to share it with you.

January Sunshine

D G D G B D ( capo 1)
Sometimes winter will tease you with a sunny day that’s unseasonally warm. Though these days quickly end and it’s still winter, I do appreciate the gift.

Special Thanks To

Earl Deal for the gift of love and music. Jeff Loen for Olive's Violin. Olive Ruth Angell who I love with all my heart. Willard Charles Sanders for giving Olive the gift. Corin Nelsen my advisor, engineer, and friend for making it possible for me to record so well. Christine Perkins for kindness, patience, and help. Clara Pascoe, martini, three olives, a little dirty. Jim Tinney for listening, supporting, sharing, and listening some more. Sara Depp for always being there, and always loving. Cleo Azure for the social meteors and beautiful expanding horizons. David Haxton for all the guitars. Ash Reisende, my forever friend. Uwe Pru├čner and Hannabach strings for believing in me. Renee Ringholz at Howard Core for the kind support. My Patreon family Dana Montgomery, Myke Hutchings, Mary Kaufman, Christine Perkins, Jannine Suplee, Angela Hunt, Malixe, Bill Binkelman, Andrew Grafham. And last but not least to L.A. Smith-Buxton, because I love you.

Damon Buxton
April 1, 2022

All songs written by Damon Buxton except Heroes written by David Bowie and Brian Eno, Smells Like Teen Spirit written by Kurt Cobain Krist Novaselec and Dave Grohl, Abide The Winter written by Will Ackerman. All songs recorded and performed by Damon Buxton.

Damon Buxton plays exclusively Hannabach strings.

Guitars by Javier Mengual, David Haxton, and Mark Stanley.

Photography by L.A. Smith-Buxton.

Copyright © (p) 2022 Damon Buxton and published by Many Miles Music (BMI). All rights reserved.

Recorded at The Yellow House, Seattle Washington USA.



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