Rotation Of Earth

Released April 8 2010

Classical Guitarist Seattle
Classical Guitarist Seattle

For Ruth Ella Buxton

These pieces were composed and recorded in the early morning throughout the four seasons of 2009. As you listen please imagine that I am sitting in the room playing just for you. It is with this intention that I created this record.


The golden thread woven into my music, and my life, is the people who are my family of friends. I finished writing this song the morning one of them delivered a baby into this world, and I named it after her.

Rotation Of Earth

This time of writing music has been marked by taking lessons learned and plowing them into new and productive forms. Along with the knowledge that whatever we pay attention to grows, and that everything we do comes back to us.


After re-writing the arrangement for With Eyes Closed in a new tuning, I was fooling around on the guitar and these patterns came through and formed themselves into a song. The title is simply what it sounded like to me, innocent and childlike, like the moon and stars and learning.

The First Day

This song came to me in in La Push, Washington, on the first day of a vacation weekend to the ocean. I used to camp with my children on this beach and it is delightful to be able to stay in a room there now with a soft bed and a view of the waves.

Three Muses

My life has always blessed by the presence of strong and remarkable women. The individuals change as time goes on but, for as long as I can remember, there have always been at least three.

Cupid’s Bow

I wrote this piece for my Lily to celebrate my love for her, and her patient love for me. Picture, if you will, the two of us dancing slowly in a circle, and our family of friends encircled around us and dancing in the opposite direction to hold and balance us. To Cupid’s arrow, and the gentle piercing of once-armored hearts.

Laurel Highlands Bride

West coast weddings involve a small crowd, minimalist vows, and a nondescript dinner with chicken and white wine. Not so, my friends, the East coast. An Italian-Hungarian wedding is an all-weekend affair with much eating, drinking, and dancing. To the joy of Halupki and the tradition of the Bridal Dance. In celebration of the green and grassy jewel that is the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands.

Mika’ele Moon

The soft breezes, warm surf, and beautiful people of the island of Kauai are a balm for the soul.


This piece started life as “Bedtime for Alora” and ended up a little too rambunctious to be a goodnight song. I wrote it for one of my best friends and named it for her beautiful daughter, who dances and circles her way out of going to bed as we gather for dinner at her house each Monday night.

Cradle & Carousel

For Megan, Keith, and Christopher.

Rotation Of Earth (Reprise)

The Labor Of Kings

I am convinced that every fingerstyle guitarist eventually does a version of Greensleeves. This is mine. The original dates from around 1580.

With Eyes Closed (for Ash)

There is a metallurgical concept called “heat sink” by which an object, on contact, absorbs and dissipates heat from another object. In the realm of human interaction, Ash could reasonably be called a “stress sink.” Without even trying, I believe, she manages to enfold me in her wings, coax every ounce of anquish from my soul, and send me floating away on a sea of ivory stars.

Laid To Rest

I remember the day the war became personal for me. He made us laugh. At 22 he was already a veteran. When she called me in tears, I knew.

Special Thanks

To Corin Nelsen who raises the standard I work to and whose collaboration is essential to the production of my music. To William Ackerman for being my mentor and inspiritor. To David Haxton and Mark Stanley whose craft is present in my music. To my beloved Lily for being my supportive companion, lover, and mirror-guide. To the Angel Ash Bonnell for continually resetting the clockworks. To Tea Mars for the gift that is our chosen Family. To Kelly Finkel for being my muse, my comforter, and my friend. To Ruth Ella Buxton for filling my childhood home with unconditional love, angel voices, and music. To Steph and Annie for bridging the miles. To Will and Mary Ellen Buxton. To Bart Boatwright and Alora Boatwright Mars. To Nikki, Jeremy & Cadence Juetten. To Mika’ele Kaili. To Susan Carr. To my children Keith, Margaret, and Christopher. And last, but not least, to Ken Verheecke and the rest of the Many Miles Music family.

Damon Buxton Seattle Washington March 9th, 2010

Produced by Damon Buxton

Recorded at The Yellow House, Seattle Washington

Mixing and Mastering by Grammy® Award-winning engineer Corin Nelsen

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All songs written, arranged, and performed by Damon Buxton

All songs copyright ©p 2010 Damon Buxton and published by Amadeo Music (BMI)

2003 David Haxton S-004 Concert
1996 Mark Stanley Classical
1959 Harmony H162 Concert Grand

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Graphic design and website by Damonstudio

Photography by Damon Buxton and L.A. Smith

Cover model Kelly Finkel

Damon Buxton plays exclusively Hannabach strings.



Weep not
old friend
these days of work
they tear & mend
rusty gears
engaged & turning
bloody hands
lungs still burning
pigskin gloves
upon the wheel
blade is lowered
to the ground
in rows of earth
we sow the seed
grow a garden
grow a weed
in morning dew
and jasmine breath
by labor’s love
we hold back death
sweet sprouting vine
let’s drink this wine
gently turning
turning Earth.


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