Released December 10 2013

Classical Guitarist Seattle
Classical Guitarist Seattle

Liner Notes

In memory of Jeff Eicher

Lighter than Yesterday

We draw lines that define us. If we describe ourselves by having a certain thing or job or accomplishment and it goes away we are broken. As I grow older I draw the lines lighter and more focused and more forgiving.

The Constancy of Angels (for Ash)

For angelic Ash, my confidante and muse, and our beautiful conversation of nearly eight years. I cannot imagine a life before or after the sweet song, the gently ringing bell, that is her voice.


For Bart.


My wife makes a lovely pear tart, with a dessert wine or sauternes, a celebration of sensory experiences. I initially thought this piece too simple to include, written in standard tuning and arranged in major chords. Those chords work. This one is for my darling and beloved Lily.


The theme of this record acknowledges the temporal existence of relationships and their features whether they be angels, demons, or friends. All are represented here, the dark and light. We grieve our dead, lean on our angels, and celebrate the ones we're with. This piece is the heart of the record and all of the others spring from it in some way.


A traveler’s song. Another of the pieces that began as something of an experiment and challenged me as a guitarist.

Lilia Lani

On Kauai recently I looked over at Lily as we drove the main highway in a convertible at night and she pointed at the sky. A sea of stars. We pulled over and just gazed at the view. This song is for Lily and the wonderful life I live with her.


Author Richard Kadrey crafts an imaginative afterlife in his Sandman Slim series of novels. Hellions drink Aqua Regia and smoke cigarettes called Maledictions. Here’s another proposition: What if Lucifer were forced into his job rather than loving it? Religion is all the same at the wholesale level. It only differs at the retail level. We can believe but we cannot know. As for me I'll be glad to wake up anywhere after I'm dead. Pass the Maledictions.

High Bridge Road

This song is about a motorcycle ride. If I had tattoos there would be the word Listen on my left wrist and a map of High Bridge Road on the right. Guardian angels before me, behind me, to my left and to my right.

Crossing Canal Street Again

Music has taken me all over the world and made me many, many friends. This song was inspired by an evening with a few of them in the City of New Orleans.

The Night Before

Imagine the excitement the night before a long journey. Always, there is hope.

The Way Things Used to Be

In time we remember. There is only learning, loving, and knowing that someone mattered.

A Walk to the Waterfall (Jeff’s Song)

For Jeff, whose visit here was much too short, and the too big empty place he left behind.

Between These Clouds

I don’t know where we come from or where we’re going. If we’re honest none of us do. I wish you the peace of angels. Enjoy these Visitations.

Special Thanks

To Corin Nelsen my friend and collaborator whose partnership is essential to the creation of my music. To Ash for our beautiful conversation, pointing out the unstable elements, and always making it better. To Sarah Bonnell for dancing in the graveyard with us. To Tea, Bart, and Alora Boatwright Mars for always being there, and always being family. To David Haxton and Mark Stanley for making my guitars. To Ray Rapozzo and the people at Kiwaya Japan for making my ukuleles. To Danni Krehbiel for reminding me of the joy it is to sing. To Heidi Ann Breyer and Alexander Volkov for embracing art as work. To Adam Werner, Rocky Fretz, Doug Wollman, and the rest of the Many Miles Music family. To Richard Kadrey for my first pack of Maledictions. To Alexzandria Helgeson and Kelly Ritting for the muse time and last but not least to my beloved Lily, the artist and author LA Smith, with whom I live and love this wonderful and creative life.

Damon Buxton
October 8, 2013
Seattle Washington

Recorded at The Yellow House, Seattle Washington

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Grammy¨ Award-winning engineer Corin Nelsen at SynchroSonic Productions.

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Damon Buxton

All songs © and (p) Damon Buxton and published by Many Miles Music (BMI)

Cover models Ash Riesende and Sarah Bonnell

Photography by L.A. Smith

2003 David Haxton S003 concert guitar
1996 Mark Stanley classical guitar
2012 Ray Rapozzo tenor ukulele
2013 Kiwaya soprano ukulele

Damon Buxton plays exclusively Hannabach strings.


I felt the first time
an arc of wings
to the rafters climb
and cover this bed
with a thousand years
The monsters come despite our prayers
and anguish drains
one final time
to leave a face so beautiful
A rose unearthed
in skeleton hand
a little map to point the way
It's crying time
because we loved
a hundred days
a hundred times
I cannot count these


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